Xtra Cash Means Xtra Danger at X-mas – Workplace Safety

Posted on: December 21st, 2011 by Leaders' Choice Staff No Comments

Xtra Cash Means Xtra Danger at X masI love the holidays. I like the parties. I love the way everything looks and feels different, and I love the hustle and bustle of the crowd as they go about holiday shopping. There’s less than one week to go and by now, if you run a retail business, your cash register should be overflowing with Christmas green.  

Now Santa may know who’s been naughty or nice but it’s a lot harder for us to figure it out. Sadly, it’s also robbery season and statistically workplace violence resulting from robberies is actually a leading cause of death on the job. So let’s keep our workers safe by implementing some of the tips below and make sure that everyone has a happy holiday.

Cash Registers

Cash registers should be able to be seen from the outside. If you have any signage blocking the windows see if you can remove them or place them somewhere else. A hidden register means fewer potential witnesses and a more tempting target to someone who just wants to grab and go.

If you’re going to post a sign it should be of the “Cash Register Contains Small Amounts of Cash” variety. Have a drop safe as well. One other thing. Don’t count cash in the front. There’s a line of temptation for most people. Don’t push them over it.

Teach workers to make eye contact with anyone who enters the store. A potential thief does not want eyewitnesses. Looking at someone in the eyes could be the difference between them picking your store or moving on.

If the robbery is an armed one tell your employees to cooperate. Their safety is the most important thing. No sudden moves. Don’t fight back. Don’t chase them. Just lock the door and call the cops.

Workplace Safety

Check your locks and alarms. When was the last time you ran a test? Do you have a silent alarm?

Better lighting — From the parking lot to the work areas you can never have enough light. Light equals exposure. Criminals hate exposure.

While on the subject of exposure, do you have security cameras or at least signs that say you do? Mirrors are helpful as well.

Make sure the emergency exists are clear. In the case of an armed robbery if workers can slip out the back they should go.

Speaking of going… there’s a whole bunch of Snicker doodles in the break room so I’m out of here. From the whole staff at Leaders’ Choice, “Happy Holidays”