New Mandatory Workplace Poster Released, Update Yours Now

Posted on: July 4th, 2023 by Leaders' Choice Staff No Comments

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has released an updated version of the “Know Your Rights: Workplace Discrimination is Illegal” poster to account for upcoming changes to workplace anti-discrimination laws. The Pregnant Workers’ Fairness Act, signed into law last year, comes into effect on June 27, 2023, at which time employers will need to swap out […]

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Injury and Illness Prevention Plans Save You Money, Period!

Posted on: October 20th, 2020 by Leaders' Choice Staff No Comments

Employees are your most valuable asset, but many businesses overlook the importance of having a workplace safety program in place to protect them. Loss control is about employers caring for their workers’ safety. Successful loss control programs are means of reducing injuries and the severity of a potential accident. If you want to reduce the […]

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Raft of Bills Would Add New COVID-19 Rules for Employers

Posted on: August 5th, 2020 by Leaders' Choice Staff No Comments

The California Legislature is working on a number of new measures to protect workers in the state during the COVID-19 pandemic. The measures take aim at “holes” in the system that may leave employees who contract the coronavirus on the job without workers’ compensation benefits, footing higher utility bills because of working at home and […]

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Insurers Don’t Have to Pay for Testing Returning Workers: HHS

Posted on: July 29th, 2020 by Leaders' Choice Staff No Comments

New guidance from the Trump administration absolves insurers of the responsibility of paying for COVID-19 tests that are required for workers who are returning to the job. The guidance, released by the departments of Health and Human Services, Labor and Treasury, means that employers will likely either have to foot the bill themselves as they […]

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Train Your Workers in COVID-19 Prevention

Posted on: March 3rd, 2020 by Leaders' Choice Staff No Comments

As the COVID-19 virus spreads across the world and the number of cases growing in the U.S., there is a lot of hysteria and misinformation about how to protect yourself from this new virus strain. More and more people are wearing surgical masks when they go outside, thinking it will protect them, and some people […]

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New Rules Require Employers to Provide IIPP upon Request

Posted on: February 19th, 2020 by Leaders' Choice Staff No Comments

New Cal/OSHA regulations will require employers to provide access to their injury and illness prevention programs upon request. Under the new rule, which is expected to take effect in April, employers will be required to provide a copy of their IIPP within five days upon an employee’s or an employee’s representative’s (a lawyer’s) request. The […]

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Car Crashes a Leading Cause of High-severity Claims

Posted on: January 2nd, 2020 by Leaders' Choice Staff No Comments

Traffic accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of high-severity workers’ comp claims, according to research. The National Council on Compensation Insurance found in a study that the cost of workers’ comp claims for accidents involving motor vehicles was 250% more than the average for all workplace accidents. The study also found large […]

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New Law Prohibits Mandatory Employment Arbitration Agreements

Posted on: October 22nd, 2019 by Leaders' Choice Staff No Comments

After years of trying and rejections by former governors, a bill banning mandatory employment arbitration agreements in California has become law. Gov. Gavin Newsom on Oct. 10 signed into law Assembly Bill 51, which prohibits almost all employment arbitration agreements, starting Jan. 1 next year. But because the new law conflicts with federal law, it […]

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Harassment Training Deadline Pushed Back for Some Employers

Posted on: October 9th, 2019 by Leaders' Choice Staff No Comments

As you should already be aware, any employer with five or more workers is required to conduct sexual harassment prevention training for their staff by the end of 2019 under a California law passed in 2018. Due to concerns that many employers in the state may not be ready to comply, Gov. Gavin Newsom has […]

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Basics of a Strong Lockout/Tagout Program

Posted on: September 4th, 2019 by Leaders' Choice Staff No Comments

A lockout/tagout program will not be effective if your employees are not properly trained in how it works, and if you don’t have consequences for them if they fail to follow the program. Every year, hundreds of workers in the United States die because they don’t follow lockout/tagout procedures or their employers did not have […]

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