Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims by Making Safety Job One

Posted on: November 18th, 2011 by Leaders' Choice Staff No Comments

Making Safety Job OneWorkplace injuries are bad news. They are bad for the injured worker, bad for your bottom line, bad for morale, and they leave a competence gap in your workforce that affects everyone.

It’s great (and the law) to put up the OSHA posters and it’s just common sense to do things like wear your safety goggles but the best way to reduce workplace accident and reduce workers’ compensation insurance claims is to create a workplace culture where “Safety Is Job One.”   

The goal is to foster the idea that we are all in this together and that we all look out for each other.  For example, if a worker is passing through a work area not his own and sees something that someone could trip over, he should move it or at a minimum point it out to a supervisor. 

When it comes to safety on the job you can never have too many eyes looking for potential hazards. 

Another goal is to institutionalize the idea of safety that goes beyond the minimum standards outlined by industry, federal and state guidelines but to look at the tasks that your staff performs and see if there is anything unique to your workplace that poses a danger to your workers.

Take, for example, your storage area. Don’t put heavy boxes on the upper shelves it creates the potential for back strain or having the boxes fall on a worker’s head while taking it off the shelf.  I know it sounds like common sense, but a quick walk through of your business with “Safety First” in mind can save you, your workers, and your bottom line a lot of pain later.

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