New Year. New Workers’ Comp Laws. What you should know.

Posted on: January 4th, 2012 by Leaders' Choice Staff No Comments

New Year. New Workers’ Comp Laws. What you should know.Well it’s 2012 and if the Mayan Calendar is correct it’s our last year on Earth. Then again maybe it’s just the last year if you are Mayan so since you’re going to be sticking around you might as well know what new laws become official with the new year.  Here is a quick overview.

AB 228 This law authorizes State Fund to make workers’ compensation coverage available to employers in California whose employees occasionally work out of state and who gets injured while working there if their injuries might create liability in the other state.

AB 1426 – Eliminates the court administrator position.

AB 378 –   Some physicians have been making referrals to pharmacies that they or their families own an interest in. This bill sets up new guidelines that remove the incentive to do so.  The result, in theory is lower Workers’ Compensation costs.

AB 397 – An interesting bill that attempts to deal with the growing underground economy. In the bill contractors that don’t provide workers’ compensation coverage because they are “exempt” now have to prove it when they get their license and failing to do so have to get coverage before their license will be renewed.

AB 335 – The Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation (CHSWC) and the Administrative Director for Workers’ Compensation have to get together and produce a booklet, written in ordinary language that will lay out the workers’ compensation claims process. They also have to shorten and simplify employee notices. 

AB 1168 – Another measure that should lead to lower WC costs. AB 1168 sets up a fee schedule for services provided by vocational experts.

So there you go. Essentially these new laws should make it less expensive and simpler to provide Workers’ Compensation. Happy New Year.