Lower Your Workers’ Compensation Rates With These 3 Easy Steps

Posted on: October 10th, 2011 by Leaders' Choice Staff No Comments

3 steps Workers Comp RatesThere’s a right way and a wrong way to go about anything. Usually the wrong way ends up costing you money. A Workers’ Compensation claim is no exception.

Here are the three key steps you can take to make sure the process doesn’t get out of hand. All three steps are crucial and not doing any one of them is the quickest way to ensure that your claim costs are going to spiral out of control.


Have an established network and methodology for treatment

  • When a worker is injured the speed and efficiency in dealing with the injury makes a huge difference in the cost of the claim. Create a chain of methodologies. From calling a nurse triage for guidance to on site first aid to knowing which doctors and hospitals you will use in the event of injury is the key to ensuring your employee get fast and effective treatment. Good practices prevent the injury from getting worse, keeping both the time away from work and the Workers’ Comp claim from increasing exponentially.

File within 24 Hours

  • The longer it takes to file the greater the ambiguities. Stories change. People forget. People embellish. Get it done while it’s fresh.

Make sure you establish a “Return to Work” program

  • A major key to reducing Workers’ Compensation Costs is to reduce the claim time on an injury. Have a program in place that gets your employee back on the job, even in a limited capacity. Knowing where your worker stands in the “Return to Work” spectrum and making sure that goals are met is a great way to both limit costs and restore productivity.

At Leaders’ Choice Insurance, we are committed to helping your businesses bottom line. Our average customer saves 30% on their Workers’ Compensation Insurance rate.


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