Employment Practice Liability Insurance – EPLI

umbrella insurance coverageThe amount you pay for Employment Practice Liability Insurance insurance can vary wildly among insurance carriers.

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What Does EPLI Cover?

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) covers companies against lawsuits or claims filed by employees, former employees and employment candidates.

The insurance coverage protects the company, its directors, officers and other employees. A company can use this type of insurance to cover expenses associated with employee rights violations, such as alleged acts of discrimination and wrongful termination.

What About Discrimination and Harassment Claims?

EPLI insures against claims of discrimination (based on age, sex, race, religion, color and national origin), sexual harassment claims, wrongful termination, infliction of emotional distress or stress and breach of contract, among others. The insurance covers claims and lawsuits filed against directors and officers regarding allegations of misconduct in how they treat employees, shareholders and decisions that affected the company.

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