Strange California Workers’ Comp Law Almost Sacks NFL Season

Posted on: August 25th, 2011 by Leaders' Choice Staff No Comments

Injured Football Player

Amazingly one of the major issues holding up the NFL labor agreement concerned players who have played one game in California being able to file for California Workers’ Compensationeven if they weren’t injured here.

According to the New York Times “California provides the only workers’ compensation system that allows retired pro athletes to file claims for long-term injuries sustained on playing fields years or even decades before. Quietly, hundreds of football players have received awards or settlements worth at least $100,000 and 700 more players are pursuing claims, many of them by satisfying California’s unique requirement that they played at least one game within state borders.”

The NFL Owners tried to remove the player’s ability to file for Workers’ Compensation in states other than where their home team plays but as New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees put it. “The NFL is trying to impose a system where they can restrict which states we can file for workers comp,Workers’ comp is a major benefit when it comes to long-term health care,” Also,  “(We ) will never let (them ) restrict our health and safety long term.”

The league relented and the games go on but as I write this, legislators in California are seeking to change its Workers’ Compensation laws to close this loophole.

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